Our Story

We started this company because we were disappointed in the lack of quality IT services available for businesses. We knew there was a better way! Our vision was to provide businesses with IT solutions that were proactive and aimed at keeping them up and running instead of reacting when they were down. We wanted the customer service to supersede anything businesses had ever experienced. We made promises to ourselves about what we would deliver and then went to work to make sure we delivered it.

We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Puyallup, Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

Chief Executive Officer / Solutions Architect

Chief Marketing Officer

Account Manager

Website Design

IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialist

Service Manager

IT Support Specialist

Marketing Assistant

IT Support Specialist

Office Manager

Our Mission

  • To Enrich - We will enhance the value of the businesses we serve by implementing an IT strategy that increases productivity and eliminates wasted time.
  • To Empower - We will put tools in place that allow businesses to grow and stay current in the ever changing world of technology.
  • To Protect- We will study the current cyber risks to businesses and implement technical solutions that ensure businesses are ready to respond to a cyberattack; we will provide business owners peace of mind.

Our Principles

  • Communication -We will communicate frequently with our clients. They will know what to expect and when it will be delivered. Our clients will not have to chase us down for an update.
  • Collaboration -  We will work as one cohesive team to serve our clients. We will help each other, support each other, and make sure someone is there to help when needed.
  • Appreciation - We will be partners with our customers. They will know we care about them and their needs. They will feel that we are compassionate and caring people that want to see them succeed.