This plan gives you the benefits of industry leading cybersecurity and CIO technology services to enhance your current IT staff.

With the labor shortage raging, the sophistication of cyber-attacks escalating and IT professionals in short supply (and coming at a high cost) many CEOs and CFOs are turning to a different approach to IT services called co-managed IT.

Co-managed I.T., also called Co-MIT, is a customized set of ongoing I.T. services, support and tools we offer to companies with I.T. departments to help “co-manage” all aspects of I.T. Not only does this save your organization money but it also offers the following benefits:

  • You get access to the services of a highly skilled cybersecurity and I.T. bench on an “as needed” basis without the cost of employing them full time.
  • You have a ready-to-go support team that is already familiar with your environment to step in if your current IT person quits, goes on vacation, needs unforeseen extended time off OR in the event of a crisis (ransomware, systems down, etc.).
  • Your I.T. team gets access to professional tools and systems, as well as support, to make them far more productive for you.

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Is co-managed about replacing our I.T. department?

Our intent with co-managed is not to replace your current I.T. leader’s job or replace your entire I.T. department. It is about filling in the gaps of your I.T. department and super charging your I.T. team with the extra hands, tools and support they desperately need on a “fractional” basis so you don’t have to incur the overhead and costs.

Is co-managed just a series of I.T. projects or monitoring only?

While we certainly can assist in getting specific I.T. projects done, co-managed is NOT a one-off project-based relationship where an I.T. company would limit their support to an “event” and then leave your team behind to try and support I.T.

It’s also NOT just monitoring your network for alarms and problems, which still leaves your I.T. department to scramble and fix the problems.

It IS a flexible partnership where we customize a set of ongoing services and software tools specific to the needs of your I.T. person or department that fills in the gaps, supports their specific needs and gives you far superior I.T. support and services at a much lower cost.

Why would someone choose co-managed I.T. over building their own internal I.T. department?

Here are the main reasons someone chooses co-managed I.T.

A significant reduction in I.T.-related problems, faster support and greater productivity for everyone.

We don’t replace your I.T. staff; we make them BETTER by filling in the support gaps, giving them professional-grade tools, and training and assisting them where they need help. That means your entire office sees a significant reduction in I.T. issues, making everyone more productive.

You don’t have to add to your head count.

Finding, hiring and retaining TOP talent is brutally difficult and expensive. With co-managed I.T., you don’t have the cost, overhead or difficulty in staffing a large I.T. team. We don’t take vacations or sick leave. You won’t lose us to maternity leave or an illness, or because we have to relocate with our spouse or we’ve found a better job. You can flex the support you need as your company’s needs change.

Your I.T. team gets the benefits of powerful I.T. automation and management tools to make them more efficient.

These tools will enable them to prioritize and resolve your employees’ problems faster, improve communication and make your I.T. department FAR more effective and efficient. These are software tools your company could not reasonably afford on its own, but they are included with our co-managed I.T. program.

You have instant access to “9-1-1” on-site I.T. support.

In the unexpected event your I.T. leader was unable to perform their job OR if a disaster were to strike, we could instantly step up to provide support and prevent the wheels from falling off.

You get a TEAM of smart, experienced I.T. pros.

No one I.T. person can know it all. Because you’re a co-managed I.T. client, your I.T. lead will have access to a deep bench of expertise to figure out the best solution to a problem, to get advice on a situation or error they’ve never encountered before and to help decide what technologies are most appropriate for you (without having to do the work of investigating them ALL).

You’ll stop worrying (or worry less!) about falling victim to ransomware, a cyber-attack, outage or data-erasing event.

We can assist your I.T. leader in implementing next-gen cybersecurity protections to prevent or significantly mitigate the damages of a ransomware attack or security breach. We can also assist in providing end-user awareness training and help you initiate controls to prevent employees from doing things that would compromise the security and integrity of your network and data. Critical proactive maintenance will get done!


We’re a flexible workforce you can expand and contract as needed.

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