Many organizations rely on IT support providers to keep their IT infrastructure working efficiently. However, some business owners are afraid to call their IT support services for fear of getting nickeled and dimed every time they need help. This anxiety is not unwarranted, as some IT support providers charge for every service call and every minute of support. Here are some ways to help reduce the dread of getting nickeled and dimed by your IT support company:

Look for Flat-Rate Pricing

One method to prevent being nickeled and dimed by your IT support firm is to choose a vendor that offers flat-rate pricing. Flat-rate pricing indicates that you pay a predetermined price for a specific set of services, regardless of how often you use them. This can help you budget for IT support expenditures and minimize unforeseen expenses.

Ask for a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between you and your IT support business that describes the level of service you may anticipate, including response times, uptime guarantees, and support hours. An SLA can help ensure that you receive the amount of service you require and can help shield you from unexpected expenses.

Look for Proactive Maintenance

Many IT support organizations focus on reactive care, meaning that they only handle problems after they occur. However, proactive maintenance can prevent problems from arising in the first place. Look for an IT support business that provides proactive maintenance, such as system upgrades and security patches, on a regular basis. This will help in the prevention of problems and lessen the need for reactive care.

Consider Managed IT Services.

For a monthly charge, managed service providers (MSPs) handle all aspects of IT support. This can include proactive maintenance, help desk support, and network monitoring. Managed IT services can help you avoid unexpected expenditures and provide a consistent cost for IT support.

Seek Transparency

Finally, it is critical to request pricing transparency from your IT support business. Request a cost breakdown and ensure you understand what you are paying for. A competent IT support business will be upfront about their costs and will assist you in understanding the worth of their services.

Ultimately, many business owners are concerned about being nickeled and dimed by their IT support company. You can choose an IT support business that delivers the services you require without unexpected charges by looking for flat-rate pricing, requesting a SLA, requesting proactive maintenance, evaluating managed services, and requesting transparency. If you are currently searching for new IT services or replacing your existing ones, download our IT Buyers Guide to help compare the options in your area!